My Name is Jean W. Hilaire

I am a Haitian immigrant who shifted to the US with my family at the age of 16 in pursuit of a better life. I worked in the store management at Burlington Coat Factory for about 15 years. This is where I inculcated passion for convenient clothing line.

As a Haitian immigrant, I believe in counting my blessings instead of my misfortunes. Over the years, I built a career in retail and gained invaluable experience in buying, merchandise planning, and apparel. What began as an idea with a driving desire to be an entrepreneur has now grown into Hilaire Productions.

As I reflect upon my life, I attribute my hard work and desire to deliver the best in what we do to my upbringing. My parents, through example, instilled in me diligence, honesty, and accountability, which have proved invaluable while running my company.

There are so many lessons to be learned from my life story. Fearlessness. Forward-motion. Tenacity. But above all is an awareness and acceptance that no one can succeed alone. In my meetings with my employees, and in many conversations with my family members and friends, I humbly state that all success is due to everyone working towards it together. And this is true.

Hilaire Productions is built with lots of love, a culture of appreciation and gratitude towards everything we touch, and the belief that together we can make people's lives easier!

The Birth of Hilaire Productions

In the summer of 2012, my family and I took a trip to the Six Flags Water Park. This was our first trip to the place and we were looking forward to a day of fun and frolic.

During the trip, I realized that there was no secure place for me to keep my phone, wallet and other valuable belongings at my side safe and dry. I would have had to leave it behind in a locker while I enjoyed the rides in the water park.

The towel I was wearing kept slipping off and more than the rides I focused on keeping my towel in place. This significantly hindered my overall vacation experience.

I am sure many of us out there would resonate with my experience.

Our Core Values

Hilaire Productions Vision
  1. Provide a happy work environment where everyone feels proud and appreciated
  2. Embrace diversity regardless of nationality and race
  3. Create products that are practical, innovative and with the highest standards of excellence
  4. Ensure that customers are highly satisfied all the time
  5. Guarantee that products are ethically produced with no harm done to the environment and society
  6. Contribute positively to the communities and the environment
  7. Recognize that profitability is essential to success

Mission Statement

At Hilaire Productions, we strive to responsibly make innovative, convenient, and high-quality products that enhance our customers’ lifestyle.

Enjoy our Products Below


Head to the beach or get lazy on the pool side while keeping your valuable belongings safe with waterproof pockets and draw strings. 


Our sports towels come with water resistant pockets and attachable loop for convenience. Soft, thick, and practical.


Non-shed, no pill, softest blankets in America.